Civic Station precinct

In November and December 2016 we asked you for your thoughts on the future of the Civic station precinct, through the Ideas Festival – a community-centred program to gather ideas on the future use/s and design of the precinct to support viable and sustainable outcomes.

The precinct is around 4000m2 in size and includes the station and surrounding grounds between Newcastle Museum and Hunter Street.

People were asked what they would like to see in the space and for their input for full or partial retention or removal of the buildings, kiosk and footbridge.

What we heard

We received more than 500 comments about the Civic Station precinct, with strong support for improved amenity and open space. People saw outdoor functionality as a high priority and wanted improved links to the waterfront and enhanced amenity in the heart of the precinct.

Overall there were mixed views on the removal or retention of station buildings. There was strong support for improved public domain that could be used for entertainment or performances and as a gathering area.

People also supported improved amenity such as shade, tables and chairs and disability accessible spaces for all to enjoy and participate in.

Read more about the Ideas Festival in the Outcomes Report.

What's next?

People are passionate about Civic Station precinct becoming a great place for all to enjoy. The Revitalising Newcastle team is working with heritage specialists, landscape architects and Newcastle City Council (NCC) to prepare a Development Application for the precinct.

As a part of NCC’s process, the public will have the opportunity to comment on future plans through the DA public exhibition period coordinated by NCC.