Be aware there's a tram there

Trams will soon start testing in Newcastle city centre.

New road signs and markings have been introduced, showing how motorists, cyclists and pedestrians should behave around light rail vehicles and tracks.

The speed limit for all vehicles on Hunter and Scott Streets is now 40 kilometres per hour.

Drive carefully, follow all road signs and markings, and look out before you cross.

Visit one of our pop-up events to find out more about being safe around trams.

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Safety for pedestrians

  • Only cross at designated crossings
  • Always look both ways before crossing at intersections and crossings. Trams can approach from either direction and at any time
  • Pay attention and stay alert at all times. Trams are large and move quietly
  • Distractions such as using your phone and wearing earphones can put you at risk
  • Take care when pushing a pram or a wheelchair, and cross the track at right angles to make sure wheels don’t get stuck in the track

Safety for drivers

  • Obey all traffic lights and road signs
  • Look both ways when crossing the tracks at intersections, and do not drive across the tracks unless the path ahead is clear
  • Never queue across the tracks at intersections – if in doubt, don’t go out
  • In the mixed running section, treat trams like any other vehicle under the road rules. Don’t overtake, and only turn left when there is no danger of a collision with the tram
  • Remember that trams take longer to come to a stop than cars and cannot swerve to avoid contact
  • Do not stop in a tramway or on tram tracks
  • Do not drive on the tracks between Worth Place and Newcomen Street, unless avoiding an obstruction. If you find yourself in the path of an approaching tram, move out of the way as soon as you can do so safely
  • Never drive on the tracks between Stewart Avenue and Worth Place

Safety for cyclists

  • When riding alongside trams, always keep a safe distance
  • Look out for the tracks on the road and avoid riding immediately adjacent to the rail track. Your wheels may get caught in the rail groove
  • Always cross the tracks at designated crossings and intersections 
  • When crossing, ride across the tracks at a right angle to avoid your wheels getting stuck