Uncovering the history of Hunter Street

21 November 2016

Site investigations for Newcastle Light Rail have uncovered a number of interesting discoveries under the light rail route.

Light rail Managing Contractor, Downer EDI Ltd has discovered a patchwork of layers of different material beneath the road’s surface since site investigation work began in mid-October.

“We don’t know exactly what is beneath the road due to the age of Newcastle’s CBD,” said Downer Director of Operations, Tony Holmes.

“With every metre we investigate, we learn more about Newcastle’s past.”

The team has discovered that the original road has been topped up with concrete and asphalt during road upgrades over the years.

Generally around thirty centimetres of compacted material would be expected under a road surface, but in some areas of Hunter Street there’s solid concrete sixty to eighty centimetres thick.

“We’re using one of the largest concrete saws available for this type of work.”

“These investigations will help us understand what is beneath Hunter and Scott streets so we can minimise impacts during light rail construction.”

Light rail is being delivered as part of the NSW Government’s $510 million program to revitalise Newcastle and bring people back into the CBD.

“While this program will deliver lasting benefits for Novocastrians, some disruption during the construction phase is inevitable”, Program Director, Michael Cassel said.

Local residents and businesses will receive personalised assistance from local team members, who will ensure access to the right information at the right time, and put arrangements in place to avoid major inconvenience where they can.

“Our team was on the ground last week, door knocking and speaking with local businesses and residents to make sure they were well informed about the investigative work happening in their area” Mr Cassel said.

Site investigation work is expected to be completed by early next year, weather permitting.

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