Revitalising Newcastle - next steps

24 May 2016

How we have responded to the 2015 community engagement program

In response to your feedback, we have included an extra Program objective that demonstrates our commitment to preserving heritage in the parts of Newcastle city centre we are revitalising:

Preserve and enhance heritage and culture: respect, maintain and enhance the unique heritage and character of Newcastle city centre through the revitalisation activities.

We will work with Transport for NSW and NCC to make the city an easy place to move around and we are planning works for the city’s three unique hubs in response to your feedback.

West End - the transport interchange will activate this precinct. The NSW Government has bought the Store site that adjoins the site of the new interchange. UrbanGrowth NSW and Transport for NSW are working together to determine how best to integrate the two sites.

Civic - we are working to create great new public spaces around the former Civic Station and better connect the Civic precinct, Civic Park, the entertainment and education precincts and the harbour.

East End - we have started planning a new public domain linking Market Street and the waterfront at Queens Wharf. The existing pedestrian bridge to Queens Wharf will be removed and an at-grade pedestrian and cycle connection will be built to link to Hunter Street Mall. We will also work with you and NCC to refine ideas to create a drawcard destination at the Newcastle Station precinct.

What's next?

Making better places

In 2016, we want to continue to hear your views about the types of places and spaces you would like to see in the city, including how they might be designed and used, particularly for the areas around Civic and Newcastle stations. We are committed to working with you in an open and transparent way, ensuring that you have access to factual information about our work and demonstrating how your feedback has informed our decision-making. Drawing on your feedback, we are developing a preferred concept for the rail corridor. This document, called a Planning Proposal, will be lodged with NCC in mid 2016. You can provide more feedback when NCC places this proposal on public exhibition, likely in late 2016.

Newcastle Station: You told us you would love to see the building conserved and repurposed, with its heritage and social significance preserved and celebrated.

A special thanks to those of you who shared your ideas during the 2015 engagement program. We look forward to talking with you again later this year when we seek your ideas on the long-term future of the Civic and Newcastle station precincts.

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