Ideas Festival community engagement 2016

6 December 2016

More than 700 people have helped shape the future of the Newcastle and Civic stations and surrounding precincts through the Revitalising Newcastle Ideas Festival.

Held during November, the Ideas Festival was a community-centred program to stimulate ideas that support viable and sustainable outcomes for the precincts.

Through online forums and three drop-in sessions for the community and school groups, we encouraged discussion and inspired new concepts for the future use of these areas. More than 180 unique ideas were generated for Newcastle Station alone. These ideas have been assessed against the six Revitalising Newcastle Program objectives and, for this engagement, an additional seventh objective of establishing Newcastle Station as a tourist destination.

All ideas have been grouped into themes including active recreation, art, markets, tourism, culture, history and many more. These ideas will be refined through community and stakeholder workshops scheduled for December to identify those with the most potential and community support. In early 2017, we will report on the outcomes of the Ideas Festival.

Thank you for collaborating with us to shape the future of Newcastle city.

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