Newcastle Station

Restoration work has started at Newcastle Station. In November 2017, we filled-in the space between the platforms creating an outdoor piazza. Now we are getting the ground floor buildings ready for Renew Newcastle to commence their temporary activation of the space from the middle of this year. 

View our video of the work when we filled-in the platforms.  

The next phase of restoration works

The next phase of restoration works

We have just commenced the next stage of works, where we are;

  • Creating pedestrian walkways from Scott Street to the piazza by cutting through some sections of buildings that aren’t classified as heritage
  • Reinstating the two-storey verandah on the 1878 Station building
  • Removing internal walls to create flexible spaces for temporary use of the buildings, and
  • Undertaking general maintenance such as painting, repairs and removing the pigeons from the buildings.

The second stage of our works will involve restoration and maintenance of the upper floors of the heritage listed Station building, and we will undertake landscaping works linking the Station precinct to Market Street Lawn.