Getting around

Newcastle city centre is still open for business.

Major construction of Newcastle Light Rail is now complete and from October 2018 you will begin to see light rail vehicles moving around the city centre as we test the light rail system and train our drivers. This testing phase will ensure the system is fully functional and safe to carry passengers from early 2019. Read more on testing and commissioning here.

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Information for road users

Hunter and Scott streets have reopened to traffic along with two new road connections at Worth Place and Steel Street connecting Hunter Street with Honeysuckle Drive. Take a look at our animations Worth Place to Darby Street and Darby to Pacific streets to see how traffic now flows in these areas of the city centre. 

Key traffic movements include:

  • One lane of traffic in each direction on Hunter and Scott streets, between Worth Place and Telford Street
  • Scott Street, between Newcomen and Pacific streets, is mixed running. In this section, light rail vehicles and other road users share a lane
  • No right turn into Worth Place from Hunter Street
  • No right turn into Auckland Street from Hunter Street
  • Dedicated right turn lanes on Hunter Street into Merewether Street (when travelling west) and Darby Street (when travelling east)
  • A dedicated right turn lane on Hunter Street into Darby Street
  • No right turn into Crown Street
  • No right turn into or out of Wolfe Street
  • No right turn into or out of Bolton Street
  • No right turn into Watt Street from Scott Street (when travelling west)
  • No right turn into Scott Street from Watt Street (when travelling north)

Double yellow lines indicate tramways, and the speed limit around light rail is 40km/h. Get up to speed on the changes to road rules and how to be safe around trams here.

We will publish weekly updates about upcoming road closures and night work here. We will display up to date information, including road closures and detours on electronic message signs along the road. For the latest traffic information, visit or download the Live Traffic NSW App. For changes to public transport and the 110 shuttle bus route from Newcastle Interchange, visit


Off-street parking

Did you know there’s a range of parking within a 5 minute walk of anywhere in the city centre? There are 19 off-street parking sites in Newcastle city centre and many of them offer all day parking for reasonable fees. View the Newcastle city centre parking guide for detailed information.

On-street parking

Pay and display parking meters are located throughout the city centre. If you are parking on the street in a metered area, please check kerbside signs for hours of operation and prices.

Outside the times indicated on the signs, parking is free and unrestricted; however in some instances other parking conditions may apply. Please always check the information on the kerbside before you park your vehicle.

A vehicle displaying an MPS card with the Australian Disability Parking Permit can park in metred areas at no charge.

Free 15-minute on-street parking

Did you know that you can park for 15 minutes free in Newcastle’s city centre? If parking in a 1P, 2P or 4P ticketed and on-street car space, the ticket machine offers an option to choose a free 15-minute parking ticket.

Press the minus button to print your free 15-minute parking ticket, and make sure you display it on your vehicle dashboard.

Travel choices

Driving your car isn’t the only way to get around Newcastle city centre. Why not rethink your journey and consider one of the alternative travel choices below?

  • Cycling - Take advantage of the on road and off road bike paths and the mostly flat terrain by riding to your destination in the city centre. Riding your bike is a more sustainable option that driving your car and you will also be increasing your fitness.

  • Walking - Why not leave the car at home and walk to work? If you don’t live within walking distance of the city centre, combine a walk with another travel choice such as public transport.

  • Car-pooling – Car-pooling is a great way to commute into the city centre. Share the responsibility of driving amongst your friends and colleagues, and decrease the parking and fuel you pay for each week.

  • Public transport – There are good public transport links to the city centre from most suburbs. Newcastle Transport’s new bus and ferry network was launched on 14 January, introducing more than one thousand extra services per week across Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. The new network includes frequent bus services on core routes, more regular ferry services, new bus routes and better connections between modes. To plan your journey, view network maps and route timetables, visit

  • Fare free bus zone – If you don’t have easy access to a bus stop from home, why not park just outside of the city centre and take advantage of the fare free bus zone which extends from Selma Street in the west, north to the Tree of Knowledge corner (Hannell street Wickham) and east to Newcastle Beach and Nobbys Beach. Find out more on the Newcastle City Council website.

  • Newcastle InterchangeNewcastle Interchange is a new, fully accessible, multi-modal transport interchange located at Wickham, west of Stewart Avenue. Catch a train to Newcastle Interchange and choose a travel option from there – you could walk, cycle or catch a bus to your desired destination. The free 110 shuttle bus runs from the interchange and does a loop of the city centre with stops on Honeysuckle Drive, Wharf Road, Watt Street and King Street.

  • Park-and-ride - Newcastle City Council offers an affordable park and ride service from McDonald Jones Stadium to the city centre for $2.20 per day. Buses run every 15 minutes on weekdays from 7am to 9am, dropping off at five convenient destinations in the city centre. Buses make the return trip from the city centre to the stadium every 15 minutes from 4.30pm to 6.30pm. Find out more at