Revitalising Newcastle is underpinned by six objectives to drive successful urban transformation: 

Bring people back to the city centre

Connect the city to its waterfront

Preserve and enhance the unique heritage

Help grow new jobs in the city centre

Create great places linked to new transport

Create economically sustainable public domain and community assets

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The Revitalising Newcastle program reports to a Multi-Agency Steering Committee established by the NSW Cabinet Standing Committee on Infrastructure. The program is funded by the NSW Government and approved through the Cabinet Expenditure Review Committee.

The Multi-Agency Steering Committee consists of representatives from:

  • Transport for NSW
  • Roads and Maritime Services
  • Department of Planning and Environment
  • NSW Treasury
  • Hunter & Central Coast Development Corporation
  • Infrastructure NSW (observer status).

The program hosts several committees and steering groups, with the Newcastle Urban Transformation Steering Group (NUTSG) significant among them. NUTSG includes representation from Newcastle City Council (Lord Mayor, Interim CEO and Director of Planning), the CEO of the Hunter & Central Coast Development Corporation and program leaders.

The Multi-Agency Steering Committee and NUTSG meet as required and bi-monthly as a minimum.


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