Newcastle light rail services have now commenced.

  • For all transport trip planning information including light rail, bus and ferry services, contact Newcastle Transport on 131 500.
  • For enquiries or feedback about The Station, Market Street Lawn, The Store and other urban transformation and renewal projects in Newcastle, contact Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation on (02) 4904 2750.

Newcastle is changing

Revitalising Newcastle is a NSW Government program focused on activating the city to attract people, jobs and tourism to Newcastle.

The government has invested over $650 million into transforming the city centre by strengthening connections between the city and waterfront, creating job opportunities, providing new housing and delivering attractive public spaces connected to better transport.

The changes are transforming the way we live, work and play.


The program has delivered

  • Revitalised land to provide education and affordable housing opportunities, mixed use development, job opportunities, tourist attractions and public open space including Market Street Lawn
  • Newcastle Interchange, a multi-modal transport interchange at Wickham in the city’s west
  • Wire-free light rail between Newcastle Interchange and Newcastle Beach, reinvigorating Hunter and Scott streets
  • Road and footpath upgrades in the city
  • A new integrated public transport provider, Newcastle Transport, delivering better transport services and improved customer experiences.


Revitalising Newcastle is a multi-agency government initiative coordinated by the Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation (HCCDC). Through the project, HCCDC works in partnership with Transport for NSW and other key stakeholders including the community, local residents, industry and local business to shape the revitalisation of the city centre.